The Knight-Risser Prize
for Western Environmental Journalism
The Knight-Risser Prize and Symposium are being reimagined to better encourage coverage of important environmental issues affecting the West. Please follow @JSKstanford on Twitter for more information and announcements.
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We Did It!

Thanks to you, we've established a permanent endowment to reward, showcase and inspire environmental journalism in the West. Your generous contributions have matched the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation's 2:1 challenge grant, and secured $300,000 to permanently endow the prize and symposium.

We are thrilled to be able to continue to recognize and promote probing journalism that leverages solid environmental science and compelling storytelling to engage and inform the public about critical issues in the West. Moreover, in a rapidly changing information landscape, we will continue to highlight and promote innovative new practices in reporting, analysis and presentation, and point to new models for advancing and supporting environmental journalism.

We look forward to announcing the winners of the 2010 Knight-Risser Prize, and the date and location of the 2011 Knight-Risser Prize Symposium this Winter.

In the meantime, we want to take a moment to salute the people whose generous support was instrumental in endowing the prize:


Rick Attig

Elizabeth Ballantine

Henry Phillip Bernton

James & Dorothy Bettinger

John Briggs

Tom Brokaw

Douglas & Sarah Brown

Weihua Chen

Jon Christensen

Jack Cox

Yogen & Peggy Dalal

Bob Danzig

Thomas Davidson
   & Susan Corbett

Beth Duff-Brown

Karen Dunlap

Robert L. Elder

Maureen Fan

Susan & Stanley Friedman

Dawn Garcia

Maureen Healy
   & Robert W. Decherd

Angelia Herrin

Clark Hoyt

Ishiyama Family Foundation

Joan E. Jewett

Tom Johnson and The
   Tom & Edwina Johnson Foundation

Ekaterina Kadieva

Donald & Suzanne Kaul

Nick & Mary Lynn Kotz

Sergey Kuznetsov

Paul Kvinta

Christine Larson

Janerik Larsson

Noel Lieberman

Aixian Lin

Bruno Lopez

Guillermo Lopez Portillo

Jessie Mangaliman

Pam Maples

Michael V. Marcotte

Andrew Maykuth

Julie M. McCarthy

Wendy McCaw

Susan McClatchy & The James
    McClatchy Foundation

Kathleen J. McCoy

Duncan McCue

Geoff McGhee

Ray & Martha Mendoza

Ozier Muhammad

Thomas F. Mulvoy, Jr.

Wendy Norris

Geneva Overholser

Craig Palmer

Thomas Alan Patterson

Harry Press

Saritha Rai

Garrett W. Ray

Patricia & Rowland K. Rebele

Evelyn Richards

James & Sandra Risser

Frances Robles

Sandy and Gerard Rowe

David M. Rumsey

David Schrieberg

Jeanne Sedgwick

Debra Shapiro

Kenneth G. Sletten

Phyllis Sletten

Fran Smith & David Yarnold

Edinéria Pinheiro Soares

Laurence Louis Spitters

Peter Sussman

Douglas Swanson & Susan Rogers

Mike & Deborah Swift

Joanna Szczesna

Dian Wei Tang

Robert Taylor

Amy Virshup

Christianne González

Mary Voboril

Yong Wang

Howard Weaver

Rita C. Williams

Raymond R. Wong

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